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The solvent extraction process, also known in hydrometallurgy as SX (Solvent Extracction) is a step belonging to the production process of oxidized ores consisting of selective extraction of the desired metal content in the leach solution using an organic solvent, and then transfer to a solution of the pure metal sulfate and concentrated called rich electrolyte. This process consists of two stages, the extraction and stripping or stripping or download.

We have a wide range of new reagents for copper solvent extraction. Reagents based on the known formulations modified aldoximes, aldoxime, ketoxime, and aldoxime / ketoxime blends. Widely used in the copper industry.

In the overall process of extracting three key moments stand out:

  • First, the extractant liquid is added to the primary solution and is connected with the metal ion, which is part of the extractant.
  • Second, the complex extractant – metal ion is separated from the solution and brought to a poor school in the metal ion solution (low-east).
  • Third, in the secondary solution extraction or re downloading occurs; that is, the element of interest is returned again to an aqueous solution, but free of impurities.