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Flocculation is the step where the solid particles ( or those particles formed during the coagulation stage) agglomerate around a positively and negatively charged molecular chain ( flocculant ) . Depending on the type of flocculant, these flocs are assembled and then they can be separated efficiently by sedimentation.

ESTEC provides FLOPAM, which are flocculants consisting in chains of monomers and polymers made ​​from polyacrylamide. They provide the full range of ionic charge and molecular weights necessary to meet optimal performance for each application.

Our polymers are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms.


Ionic polymers with a neutral charge has several applications. Such as in the sugar industry , mining, fishing , textile, etc. They have low viscosity and their presentation comes in powder.


Has ionic charge in its molecular structure , which may be cationic ( + ) and anionic (- ). Diverse applications such as mining, petroleum , textiles , municipal water, drinking water , textile, fishery , etc. Comes on different presentation; powder , emulsion and / or liquid form