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Water efficiency

ESTEC provides chemical products and specialized services for the mineral processing and metallurgical industry; providing assistance and solutions for all stages of the mining operation.

From primary excavation and crushing, to enrichment by flotation, passing through metallurgical refining plants and finally the treatment of waste and liquid effluents.             

Our product range is tailored to each type of ore for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our technical sales representatives provide on ground support with high level of experience in optimal product selection and evaluation, using training and support to optimize the efficiency of your processes.

ESTEC strives to contribute to the sustainable development of the mining industry. Our products help to reduce the need for water, promote water recycling, while optimizing the extraction process and reducing the overall environmental impact.

  • Flocculants          
  • Coagulants          
  • Collectors          
  • Anti-scale Agents      
  • Frothers 
  • Grinding Aid
  • Dewatering
  • Dispersants          
  • Heavy metal precipitant - ESORB     
  • Dust control     
  • Encrustation Control
  • Drilling