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Our water-soluble polymers are used to improve the performance of all types of water-based drilling and drilling mud.

They are products used in industrial drilling, covering a wide market segments such as horizontal directional drilling, diamond drilling, water well drilling, involving geotechnical and geothermal aspects.

We also offer products for deep foundations and bentonite enhancers. With this, excavations or drilling are carried out successfully at the lowest possible cost.

With the correct product selection, the following can be achieved:

  • Maintain continuous support of the excavation         
  • Well stability         
  • Increase the viscosity of the mud         
  • Torque reduction         
  • Improve lubrication         
  • Stabilization of clays         
  • Trim encapsulation                       
  • Compatibility with other construction materials         
  • Avoid contamination of soil and subsoil water