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Flocculation is the step where solid particles (or particles formed during the coagulation stage) agglomerate around a positively and negatively charged molecular chain (Flocculant).

Depending on the type of flocculant, these are assembled into flocs and can then be efficiently separated by sedimentation. 

ESFLOC is a series of polymer and monomer chain flocculants formulated from polyacrylamide that provide the full range of ionic charges and molecular weights required to achieve optimal performance in every application. Good product selection is the key to achieving the desired results. 

Our flocculants are available in solid, emulsion and liquid forms.  

  • Non-Ionic: Polymers that have a neutral ionic charge. They are commonly used in applications such as the sugar industry, mining, fishing, textile, etc. 
  • Ionic: Polymers that have an ionic charge in their molecular structure, which can be cationic (+) and anionic (-), their applications are diverse such as in mining, oil, textiles, municipal waters, drinking water, textiles, fisheries, etc. 
  • Rhological Flocculants: Our RP series is a specially designed advanced flocculant that was created to combat the pain points related to the use and recovery of water, process optimisation and recovery of metals and minerals. The use of our RP series of flocculant can lead to the production of a higher underflow solid concentration, which remains pumpable. This in turn creates better efficiency by returning more water to the process immediately, reduces the evaporative losses at the tailings dam and reduces freshwater requirements for the plant.