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Coagulation in water treatment is the destabilization process through charge neutralization. Once neutralized, the particles no longer repel each other and can bond together.

A good selection has a great influence, not only in reducing the cost of treatment, but also in reducing the volume of treated sludge and its disposal cost.

  • Organic: We offer a range of organic coagulants recognized as the highest quality in the industry. They often replace or reduce the use of inorganic coagulants to improve the removal of total suspended solids, reduce turbidity, and improve color in the process water or wastewater.         
  • Inorganics: Through investigation and experience we have designed specific Inorganic coagulants that combine derivatives of aluminium and ferric salts with our organic ESBIND series to take advantage of the key benefits of both. Producing a cost-effective coagulant with great results.